These Doves are not gentle

Carefully tread on your enemy
When he has less inhibitions than you
For when you anger something
You cannot control
You step past the fringes
Of Irrationality

Exercise your right to talk,
To spew your vile hate
With reprehensible actions
We will exercise our right
To oppose the things you stand for
When your hate endangers others
And you do not care
You traverse the frontier
Of Madness

My God is not the God you serve
Your God looks like you
Thinks like you
Talks like you
And acts like you,
Leading one to believe
That you committed the unoriginal sin
Of creating your God
And I can think of few things worse

You do things for yourself
In the name of your modified Jesus
Misguided radicalism plainly outlining
The damaged condition
Of the human heart

Putting yourself
Habitually before the true God
And above the others
In the world
That my Jesus died for,
You commit the highest form of disrespect
To the people my Jesus said to love
In the absence of the Voice
In the name of religious duty,
You creep willingly
Into the Doorway of Hell

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What a ridiculous night…

This is going to be a pretty lame blog if all I do is show you what cool things other people do. But hey, it’s kind of hard to get the creative juices flowing when one has been stuck in the house for a week with strep throat. Yeesh. But I left the ER last night with a few shots that made me feel enormously better; coupled with the prayers from my best friends, and late night Tylenol/Codeine/Gatorade runs to Walgreens by the wonderful Andy, I feel almost back to normal! 🙂

Anyway, today is the day when I found out what actually happened to my knee injury-wise, and what they’re going to do about it. Yay!

The new and improved crutches (can you say, “Hanna needs to leave the house more often”?)

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Television. Yay.

Having been afflicted with strep throat, and thereby confined to the house for about three days now, I’ve watched an enormous amount of television and commercials. There are some things that I’ve noticed:

  1. Commercials nowdays are smarmy, boring and predictable. Few commercials actually catch the consumer’s eye; we’re just waiting until the next part of our show comes on.
  2. “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” is possibly one of the worst conceived shows on television, portraying sex-obsessed teens talking and thinking of nothing other than eachothers’ dating and sex lives. This, coupled with adults who do nothing to preserve the innocence of their children, sends a message to teens that this type of behavior is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. Not to mention the bad acting and awkward editing that makes transitions between scenes painful to watch.  But I could go on for pages like this.
  3. Songs on commercials are actually rather interesting, if you can get past the thirty seconds that were repeated each time the commercial came on. Some ones that I’ve discovered are “Fly Me Away” by Annie Little, as seen on the Amazon Kindle commercial; “Free to be… You and Me” by Marlo Thomas; “From the Morning” by Nick Drake as seen on the AT&T commercial; and that one classical song from the Spiriva commercials that no one seems to know the name of.
  4. Walker Texas Ranger. There should be more of that on TV. If some day I was in a car accident or something and turned into a vegetable, I would want to just watch Walker episodes on loop.
  5. Old Spice. Also awesome. If I was a boy, I would totally buy it. I mean, the guy is on a horse! What more could you want?
  6. Children’s television is probably one of the reasons that kids are getting dumber. Seriously. Have you watched any of these shows? They’re predictable, lame, and most of them portray adults as stupid and irresponsible. Not the type of thing that sends developing minds a positive message.
  7. While under the influence of massive amounts of cough syrup, those Coca-Cola ads start to get a little trippy.

Well, that’s all for now! I’m off to take a nap. Happy watching!

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Wavorly is a band out of Mississippi that has been rocking my world lately. Any band whose discography is influenced heavily by C.S. Lewis totally gets my vote.

Recently with the things going on in my life, I’ve been drawn more to this one particular song, “Time I Understood”

The lyrics:

Time I Understood (Wavorly)

As I’m building up this house
I wonder what of it will stay
It seems You just take things away
And I’ll admit I shouldn’t say these things
But I have got to hear from You somehow
Does this have a point to it?
God, I wish I could hear You
You said You’d help me through this
I wish You didn’t have to

Why did You take this away? I wanted it
Show me that there is no need to be afraid
Can I move on now that it’s gone?

As I travel down this road
I wonder if I should turn home
All this time I’ve felt alone
My head in my hands
Where were You when I was in need?
And I look back to find You chasing me
Sometimes I try and I miss the point of it
It’s about time we die…we’re not down here for us

As You’re tearing down this house
There is only one thing I can say
I’m so glad You take away
And I’ll admit things worked out for the good
And it’s about time I understood

I’ll admit that I’m only about halfway through right now. I know that God is faithful in what He is taking me through, and I have no doubt that things will work out, but discipline is not pleasant when one is enduring it.

That being said, these next two weeks before I move into my Fall apartment and thus end summer will be very much a learning and growth period.

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This is a rather confusing interface. Give me a few days to sort it out.

Other than that, to my Malaysian friends, Happy Hari Pahlawan, or Heroes/Warriors Day!

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